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When you are looking for the best tree service in Warner Robins, we are it. We have a clear focus on safety and the health of your trees. We want you to know that when you call us, we offer expert service at a fair price. We have a professional team that is fully trained in all aspects of tree service. We offer both commercial and residential services for trees in Warner Robins and surrounding areas. If you want more information including a free quote (with no obligation), fill out this form or contact us by phone.

Services we Offer

Tree Services of Warner Robins offers all the main services for the care of your trees including tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, wood chipping, brush removal, and emergency tree service. If you need some type of tree service, we can assure you that we are up for the job. Call us to discuss what you need.

We Take Care of Tree Trimming

Trees are beautiful but if they are not looked after they can become unsightly and pose a safety hazard. We would be more than happy to help you with our experience and knowledge around all species of trees and their proper care. We want to ensure that your landscape is not only beautiful to look at, but also safe to be in. Please call us when you need help with tree trimming.

We have experience with all aspects of tree service including tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, and wood chipping. If you need help with any of these jobs, please contact our professional tree service staff. One important aspect of tree care and keeping trees healthy is to regularly prune and trim them. It can also help to reduce the chance of insect infestation and reduce fire hazard by improving wind filtration.

Removal of Trees

Tree Removal

We know that there are many reasons why trees need to be removed. Maybe the tree has died or there are cracks in the trunk. If a major storm has occurred the tree may be damaged beyond saving. Sometimes roots start to heave (this is never a good sign) and it is time to get rid of the tree because it is too big and too close to your home and is starting to pose a real danger.

We are dangerous tree removal experts. Trees are often close to power lines and homes, making them difficult to remove. We are able to take care of tree removal with our highly trained experts. We use the proper equipment for the job and will never cause any property damage when we remove trees. Once we have taken the tree down, we will clean up the debris left behind. Trees are prone to many different diseases and these can cause issues with the tree’s branches, causing them to break and fall. We can remove limbs or trees that have the disease so that they no longer pose a danger to you or your home.

​Please call us if you need to schedule a free assessment of the trees on your property. We can set up a time for one of our specialists to attend at your home and examine any trees that you feel need to be removed. We can give you advice on what you should do about the tree or if it is worth saving.

Stumps are Unsightly – We can Grind Them for you

Removal of trees has one annoying side effect and that is stumps that are left behind. We have a machine called a stump grinder that grinds the stump down until the top of it is under the ground and is no longer an eyesore or a tripping hazard.

Dead tree stumps attract parasites and fungi which can spread to trees and plants in your yard. We can efficiently remove stumps from your yard by grinding them. We offer removal of any shrubs that you do not want when we complete our clean up. We can also remove all the debris left behind from stump grinding. If you want to plant a new tree where the stump was, we can leave a hole in the center of the stump area, perfect for planning a new tree. We can assist with remediating the soil to the point that you cannot even tell a stump was once in that area. We can remove roots, shrubs, and stumps without causing damage to your yard. While you could do stump grinding yourself, we certainly do not recommend it. We offer professional stump grinding with staff who have been completely trained on the safe use of this dangerous equipment.

We Remove and Eliminate Branches and Fallen Trees with Wood Chipping

We use industrial-strength woodchippers that convert dead limbs and fallen trees into wood chips. That wood can be used as mulch in your own yard or we can remove it for you. We can perform wood chipping when we take down trees and prune others or it can be a separate service for trees that are already down on the ground.

Do you Need Brush Removal Completed?

The professional team at Warner Robins can remove brush and offer mulching services for your yard in Warner Robins and surrounding areas. The removal of the unwanted brush is one very important way to keep trees healthy. If you have excess brush around your trees, they can use much of the water and nutrients that the trees need. We can identify unhealthy trees and remove them if necessary. We can remove the brush around the tree to ensure it has a good chance of staying healthy. We can mulch and chip the underbrush and place it under your trees to become an organic barrier to prevent insect infestations and weed growth.

Mulching enriches the soil around the tree with nutrients as the materials start to compost. We offer you our knowledge so that you understand what you need to do to maintain and care for your trees.

Do you Need Emergency Tree Service?

When a tree comes down it can be extremely scary. Trees can be massive, and they make a lot of noise and do a lot of damage when they hit the ground. If a tree is damaged in a storm it could be left in a precarious position needing to be dealt with quickly. Contact us immediately, we will provide you with emergency tree service because we know the situation can be very dangerous. We know that time is of the essence in removing trees that can potentially cause damage. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so please call when you have a tree emergency.

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