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If you want to keep the trees in your yard healthy, and to encourage regular growth, then trimming and pruning them is a regular maintenance step that must be taken. Mature trees often have branches that are dead and need to be removed and diseased branches should be removed before they cause infection to the rest of the tree. If branches are dead or broken, they should be removed before insects burrow into the tree and start nesting.

Trimming and pruning can also prevent situations that can be potentially hazardous. If branches are close to powerlines, it is important to have professionals remove them to prevent injury. Branches that are dangling can break loose and fall onto vehicles or cause damage to your home. By reducing the density of a tree, you can reduce the resistance of the tree to the wind which may help to prevent damage during heavy storms, help to prevent wind filtration, and reduce fire hazards.

Warner Robins Tree Trimming has professionally trained experts that can examine your trees to decide on which of those trees need attention. As trees grow their branches tend to spread out and this can cause them to contact structures that are close to them. This can lead to damage with leaves and other materials collecting and causing rot. We can make an evaluation of the health of your trees and then let you know what work we believe should be completed to ensure your trees are safe and healthy.

Shrubs that are near the front of your home should be pruned so that they do not cover windows and doors. Bushy, overgrown shrubs can provide the perfect coverage for those who want to break into your home, so keeping them trimmed can prevent the possibility of break-ins.

Many homeowners may not know that young trees should be pruned regularly. Trees growing in their natural environment will grow towards a light source with the lower branches being shed as they compete for light sources. A tree planted in an open space, receiving full sun will grow extra stems and leaders. These extra parts are not as healthy as the rest of the tree that they came from. Branches grow at similar rates and not all of them are strong, causing weak attachments that may fail as the tree ages.

Pruning young trees can help them to develop a stronger trunk which assists with future growth. Most importantly, if you are planting young trees, never stake them because this prevents the tree from gaining a strong root system as it naturally would during windy days. As the tree grows that was staked it can pose a serious hazard in wind storms. The experts at Tree Trimming Warner Robins are familiar with the care of all your shrubs and trees of all ages. We know what the best method of care is for each.

As a homeowner, you may have concerns about the health of your trees, whether due to insects, safety, or potential fire hazards. We are willing to come to your home and look at your trees, offering our advice on trees that should be pruned or trimmed and the reasons why. We know about all types of trees and what their needs are. Many homeowners tend to try and take on their own pruning and while that may be ideal in the short term if branches are improperly trimmed, it can lead to issues in the future. For example, if the branch is cut too close to the tree, it can allow insects and disease to take root inside of the tree. If the branch is cut too far from the tree, leaving a nub, it can pose a danger because someone could walk into it and hurt themselves.

Tree Trimming Warner Robins can help with all your tree trimming needs. We know that it is important for many reasons including safety and the health of your trees to keep them pruned and trimmed. If you want to have some trees examined, we can offer an estimate of the services we provide. We will tour your property and look at the trees, discuss with you the work that needs to be done to preserve the health of your trees and plan a course of action to get the work done.

At Warner Robins Tree Trimming safety is our number one priority. We perform all our work in a safe and careful manner, using all the latest safety equipment. Call us today to find out more.