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Stump Grinding
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Have you removed many trees from your property recently? There are probably several stumps left behind that are unsightly. If you have many trees removed, there might be a large amount of stumps that are really not nice to look at. Stumps can also be dangerous and post a tripping hazard for children or may damage your lawnmower if you hit a stump by driving over it with your blades. Stumps can certainly take up valuable yard space and make it difficult to place objects, such as picnic tables, in any area that is desired because of the limited area around them.

If you don’t remove a stump, you may experience tree regrowth in some cases. Trees can actually regenerate themselves and this means that you will constantly have a new tree growing from the stump that remains in the ground. Stumps are also an attractant for certain types of parasites. These insects and parasites can move in and take over which can lead to other issues that are not pleasant. Imagine have a large ant colony or termites that can make their way over to your home and start to eat away at your foundation! Wood decay fungi can also form on stumps and can pose a danger to other plants and trees in your yard or your lawn.

Stumps are not generally simple to remove. They are firm and take up a certain amount of ground, and in addition, the roots from the stump spread out and keep it in place, making it next to impossible to remove. Our team of experts can take care of stump grinding for you so that the stump that you once had in your yard is removed completely. We will also take care of filling up the void that is left behind with soil so that you are not left with a giant hole. We ensure that the soil that is placed in the void is remediated to match the surrounding terrain and we will also replant grass or whatever you would like to be placed in that newly bare area and make it appear as if a tree never was there.

Stump removal can be time-consuming and difficult without the right equipment. Our team expertly operates the stump grinder so that it removes all of the stumps and leaves nothing behind. If you want the wood chips and sawdust that are left behind we can leave them for you. If you would prefer that all chips and sawdust are removed, we can take care of that too. Don’t stress out about stumps, give us a call today to take care of them for you. Our specialized equipment takes care of stump removal and grinding in a short amount of time so that we create a minimal disturbance. We understand that need for fast removal and can schedule a time in the very near future to handle this removal for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you to remove those unsightly stumps today!  If you have Brush you need to be removed, we are equipped to chip it and remove it. Our goal is to leave your lawn so clean that you won’t even know we’ve been there – except by noticing the beautiful healthy trees! Check out out Wood Chipping Service if you would like beautiful wood chips for the area of the yard where the stump used to be.