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There often comes a time when a cat will climb a tree and get too high up into the tree for cat owners. The cat owner then becomes worried about how to get a cat out of a tree. Will their cat get hurt? Seeing your cat high in a tree can be not only troubling but highly stressful to both the cat and the cat’s owner. If you have a ladder and can reach the cat, then you can attempt to get your cat out of the tree on your own. Ensure that you place the ladder on solid ground where there is no chance that it will tilt or slip. Have someone stand at the bottom of the ladder if you are going over 10 feet high to hold the ladder at the bottom. Carry a box or a bag with you and wear gloves. Once you reach the cat, try to collect it and place it into the container you have brought.  Remember, your cat will be terrified and may scratch or bite you.

Not everyone has a ladder, and often the cat will climb up much higher in the tree than your ladder can reach. When your cat is out of reach is when you need to call in the big guns. Tree Service Macon offers cat in tree rescue service because we understand that your cat is a member of your family. Tree Service Macon has the right equipment and safety gear that will allow them to reach your cat and get it out of the tree without harming it. More importantly, our experts will not damage the tree that they access to rescue your cat. Our team has solid experience when it comes to saving cats from trees, so relax in the knowledge that you are not the first concerned cat owner and not the last either. Tree Service Macon is a group of certified tree experts specializing in tree care, trimming, and removal who have branched out to provide a rescue service for cats.  If your cat is in a tree and you are worried, give us a call; we can help.